Brain, Mind and Language Functional Architectures

Andrew A Fingelkurts*, 1, Alexander A Fingelkurts1, Giorgio Marchetti*, 2, 3
1 BM-Science – Brain and Mind Technologies Research Centre, P.O. Box 77, FI-02601, Espoo, Finland
2 Mind, Consciousness, and Language research net, Italy
3 University of Urbino, Urbino PU, Italy

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* Address correspondence to these authors at the BM-Science – Brain & Mind Technologies Research Centre, Finland, E-mail: andrew.fingelkurts@bm-science.com and Mind, Consciousness, and Language research Net, Italy, E-mails: Giorgio.marchetti@nsn.com; info@mind-consciousness-language.com


The interaction between brain and language has been investigated by a vast amount of research and different approaches, which however do not offer a comprehensive and unified theoretical framework to analyze how brain functioning performs the mental processes we use in producing language and in understanding speech. This Special Issue addresses the need to develop such a general theoretical framework, by fostering an interaction among the various scientific disciplines and methodologies, which centres on investigating the functional architecture of brain, mind and language, and is articulated along the following main dimensions of research: (a) Language as a regulatory contour of brain and mental processes; (b) Language as a unique human phenomenon; (c) Language as a governor of human behaviour and brain operations; (d) Language as an organizational factor of ontogenesis of mentation and behaviour.

Keywords: Mental categories, consciousness, linguistic thought, language, attention, mental operations, brain areas, cognition.